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Pack N Protect Tote

Pack N Protect Tote: So versatile! Unlike traditional baby bottle bags, this versatile cooler tote has adjustable inserts, so you can securely pack baby food jars, bottles, or a combination of both. Very well padded and insulated; protects glass containers, while adapting to meet baby's evolving feeding needs. With an interior gel pack pocket and exterior pocket for wipes or a bib...


Baby Travel - A Bag That Turns Into a Baby Couch


Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Bag. I would love to have a "cool" diaper bag. One more closely resembling a purse than "HEY EVERYONE, LOOK!!! I HAVE DIAPERS!"


I've written more posts about my beloved Lily Jade diaper bags than any other brand because I'm that much of a super fan of the bags, the company, and their mission. I've had the pleasure of meeting the owners in person and they are some of the kindest, most salt-of-the-earth folks I've ever met .One of the most frequent emails I get is to ask, "which Lily Jade should I get?!" ...


New from Stokke! A changing bag that doubles as a backpack. Perfect for parents who want to have their hands free