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Aloe Vera has been used for centuries by different people for a wide variety of purposes. Forever have produced a whole range of products from cold-pressed inner leaf gel, which means the benefitial properties are not lost during processing. Explore what


Pernicious anaemia, b12 deficiency hey, could the list be any longer! I wonder if eating is ice cream is a danger!


Very good info. If you 'can't' go full vegan, take baby steps (go vegetarian a…


Spirulina is often deemed the most nutritionally complete of all food supplements, containing a rich supply of nutrients including protein, iron, complex carbs & vitamins A, K, & B complex & is the highest source of B12, essential for nerves & tissue. Reduces allergic reactions from radiation sickness & is rich in GLA, (found in breast milk). It increases stamina & immunity levels in athletes, & its high protein helps build muscle mass. It is the richest beta carotene food.

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Your Guide To Getting Your Vitamins From Food

Maybe you know you should eat more sweet potatoes for their vitamin A, but you're not entirely sure why. Or maybe you know vitamin B12 helps your heart, but you

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Vitamin B12 Benefits and Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B12: Adults need .4 micrograms per day (water soluble, so must be taken daily). Beef/chicken liver: 3oz=81mg; Salmon: 108g=19.5mg; Herring: 143g=18.7mg; Mackerel: 3oz=15.3mg; Sardines: 1c=13.3mg; Tuna: 3oz=9.3mg; Trout: 1 filet=9.1mg; Greek yogurt: 170g=1.3mg; Turkey: 3oz=1.1mg; Raw milk: 1 c=1mg; Beef tenderloin: 3oz=0.9mg; Lamb: 3oz=0.8mg ...


Is Your Thyroid Making You Tired No Matter How Much Sleep You Get? – Saturday Strategy

Is Your Thyroid Making You Tired No Matter How Much Sleep You Get? – Saturday…


27 Amazing Benefits Of Vitamin B12 For Skin, Hair And Health

Forever Livings B12 plus combines vitamin B12 with folic acid. Visit Aloejuliewade and buy through my shop.


Diet food plans ◙ Good diet plans

Infographic: How to Go Vegan "Curious about how to go vegan? We break it down for you with this simple, hip infographic." "Vegan diets need some thoughtful planning so you stay healthy, especially at the beginning when you are just getting started. Know the facts so you can be a good healthy example for anyone else looking to try a vegan lifestyle." "Don't forget to take a vitamin B12 supplement!" and consider grain-free substitutes


A printable that simplifies natural remedies for anxiety -- including a supplement routine, what you should and shouldn't eat, and more.