The Mayans and Aztecs are famous for inventing Hot Chocolate or Xocolatl as it was called in ancient Aztec (guess where it got it's name?) They made it by

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Squash, Beans & Corn The idea comes from the Mayans and Aztecs. Plant your corn or maize and then when that starts to show underpin with courgettes or other squash. Once the corn starts to take shape, plant beans - French beans are ideal, and they will grow up the corn. The beans help fix nitrogen in the soil and the squash keep the weeds down.

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Mayan Number Symbols. Great for Gifted kids learning why we use base 10 and other cultures have used different bases.

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Make an Aztec serpent with our easy craft activity for kids.

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History for Kids: Aztecs, Maya, and Inca. Repinned by Elizabeth VanBuskirk on "Teaching about the Incas." A good way to visualize the difference between Inca (South America), Maya (Central America) and Aztec (Mexico).

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aztec coloring pages for kids | ... could find your favorites from aztec symbols and aztec patterns above

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How to Make an Aztec Calendar for Kids | eHow

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