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Ayurvedic Practitioner

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10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Here are our top 10 healthy foods you should be eating everyday! //


We love turmeric.. click to read up on benefits....Check out our "Natural Foodie" board for Turmeric Milk recipie!

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Food Combination Chart Provides Healthy Clean Eating Tips

This infographic explains where your food comes from, what's in it, and what toxic things it is doing to your body. Health risks come from everything from diseased animals, pesticides, drugs, and chemicals.


Read a new interview with Kari Jansen - a master herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner who combines her passion for plants, herbal medicine, and bodywork with Ayurvedic healing methods exclusively on Also enter to win products from Poppy and Someday!


Turmeric "Golden Milk" Tea - Melissa Malinowski, ND Naturopath Practitioner

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Ayurveda & Dosha Types for Beginners

Ayurveda & Dosha Types for Beginners -- Characteristics, Foods, Health Tips for Vata, Pitta, and Kappha Doshas -- Ayurveda is a holistic science of health, focusing on maintaining a physically and emotionally balanced state... This collection of knowledge came to be known as the "science or knowledge of life"


Crystals you can use for the Chakras

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My Daily Routine: Ayurvedic Practitioner Myra Lewin, Anahola, HI USA

Ayurvedic practitioner Myra Lewin is an esteemed teacher and ambassador in the fields of Ayurveda and yoga with over 20 years of experience. An author, ...

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Ayurvedic Practitioner in Bay Area, San Ramon CA 94583 - Rakesh Sethi

How is an Ayurvedic Practitioner Different from a Doctor?

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30 Ideas for Grounding Yourself

30 ideas for getting yourself grounded ~ excellent list for beginners, and a great reminder list even for the most advanced practitioner.