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Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked once published a Facebook post calling for the extermination of Palestinian mothers.

from The Ugly Truth

Facebook complied with 95% of Israeli govt. removal requests

YNET – Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked spoke Sunday at the 16th World Summit…

Israeli Official Who Promoted Genocide on Facebook Now Fighting 'Incitement' on Social Media | Alternet

Top News: "ISRAEL: Ayelet Shaked Believes Government Will Survive" - - Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked believes, "The coalition will survive in its current make up and even pass the state budget despite the recent upheavals." on Politicoscope -

Kerja Sama dengan Facebook Penjajah Israel Minta Hapus Konten Pendukung Palestina SALAM-ONLINE: Menteri Senior penjajah Zionis dan Facebook sepakat bekerjasama dalam membahas cara-cara untuk mengatasi adanya konten negatif mengenai Israel pada media sosial. Pengumuman itu datang setelah Menteri Kehakiman Israel Ayelet Shaked dan Menteri Keamanan Umum penjajah itu Gilad Erdan bertemu dengan para pejabat senior Facebook Senin (12/9) pagi. Pertemuan yang digambarkan sebagai upaya untuk…


Tel Aviv Beach Crowd Is Lure to Settler Party’s Justice Minister

Ayelet Shaked, איילת שקד

The Israeli Knesset has passed an evening a bill allowing Palestinian youths convicted of throwing stones at Israeli occupation forces a maximum 20 years in prison, Israeli media reported.The bill stipulates that youths who throw stones at vehicles can

Turkey PM Erdogan Compares Israeli Politician Ayelet Shaked to Adolf Hitler He has likened the far-right Israeli politician Ayelet Shaked - who called for the genocide of Palestinian "little snakes" - to Adolf Hitler. In a controversial Facebook post, Shaked said that "all Palestinians are our enemies" and that Israel should declare war on the "entire [Palestinian] people, including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure."