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The axe forgets, but the tree remembers... ~African saying | Nesting birds, Northern Cape, South Africa

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Because it turns off reactions of the immune system that drive up inflammation and swelling, boswellia is a natural treatment for cancer.

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Two Wood and Metal Axes, South Africa

Ada, sword (chief's, ceremonial, decorated with leopards, pommel in form of Portuguese head) made of iron, brass, ivory. Made by Edo - Nigeria

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Three Shona/Zulu Axes, South Africa

The axe forgets what the tree remembers - African proverb | Corgie made this with

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The images are all really sharp and clear, they're put together almost like a collage of african animals and plants. The red flowers have a drip effect and they stand out and bring life to the poster.

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“The short trees and sparse undergrowth which surrounded the men’s village gave way to giant trees and climbers which perhaps had stood from the beginning of things, untouched by the axe and bush-fire,” (59). This description shows the type of environment that the Igbo people live in. Their villages are clearings of farmland which are surrounded by dense forests.

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