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Avocado Fiber

If asked what my favourite foods in the world were the list would be: sweet potatoes, dates, cacao, raw brownies and avocado. So it seems only natural to try and combine at least four of the five in some way to create something insanely awesomely, which is exactly what I did in these sweet potato …

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22 No-Cook Dinner Recipes When Nights Are Hot and You Need Something Light

22 No-Cook Dinner Recipes When Nights Are Hot and You Need Something Light - RAW STUFF


Healthy Chocolate Silk Pie (gluten free vegan dairy free)- Decadent chocolate and avocado blended to a silky pie, no added fat or sugar. avocado, dairy free

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Superfood Chia Pudding

Superfood chia pudding with blueberries, spirulina and bee pollen, loaded with soluble fiber for a good morning cleanse | The Awesome Green


Food combos with 10 grams of fiber. Fiber is very helpful for trying to clean out your system, losing weight, decreasing bloating, and satisfying hunger. Foods high in fiber: Pears, Bananas, Raspberries, Oatmeal, Avocadoes, Apples, Quinoa, Kidney beans... etc. ,


Snack idea: Avocado with low fat cottage cheese, sprinkled sea salt pepper! Why didnt I think of that!!

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21 High-Protein Breakfasts That Barely Take Any Time to Prepare

Get the recipe: avocado and egg breakfast Protein: 13.1 grams Image Source: POPSUGAR Photo...


Avocado is one of the most complete and beneficial fruit for our health, plus the avocado seed is very powerful and useful. Today, we’ll show you why.Over 65% of the amino acids can be found in the avocado seed. It also contains more fiber than many other foods. BENEFITS OF AVOCADO SEED1- It is very effective in combating arthritis, as it’s an anti-inflammatory.2- The avocado seed helps reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Also useful for diarrhea, it can be used to make…


Did you know that Avocado seeds are packed full of nutrients that can provide several health benefits to the body?