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Average Teacher Salary

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How much teachers get paid — state by state

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4 Options for Teacher Loan Forgiveness

According to an article published by The New York Times, many new teachers spend 25% of their income repaying student loans. The average teacher’s starting salary is $36,141. This leaves new teachers with just $27,105.79 to live on each year before taxes. However, thanks to loan forgiveness programs, many teachers are catching a much needed break.

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The real number of hours teachers work in one eye-opening graphic

The Real Number Of Hours Teachers Work In One Eye-Opening Graphic... ($49,000??? I WISH!)


#6 Massachusetts: Massachusetts ranks sixth in the country, paying its teachers an average of $73,129. Despite the state's high cost of living, which makes those dollars more like $59,893, the place still ranks well for teacher salaries. Yet the state has a major teacher shortage in an array of areas, including early childhood special education, modern foreign languages, and various science classes. According to, Massachusetts offers increased pay for teachers willing to work in…

#10 Indiana: In the Hoosier State teachers earn an average of $51,456. Adjusted for the state's low cost of living, that's more like $56,795. Even with good pay, the state is looking for more teachers in special education, math, and science, especially in inner-city and rural areas. In Indiana teacher salaries are up to the discretion of the school district. Former Gov. Mitch Daniels and then–State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Bennett pushed a massive overhaul of teacher…

#1 Michigan: When cost of living is taken into account, Michigan teachers’ pay, at an average salary of $61,560, is the highest in the country. In that state dollars go further, so the adjusted income is more like $64,937. Michigan spends about 30 percent of all education expenditures on teachers’ salaries. Last year state Superintendent of Education Mike Flanagan said he would like to see all full-time public school teachers make $100,000 a year. Such a salary, he said, would attract…


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