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AVERAGE JOE "Mac-n-Cheese" T-shirt

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That's how it would be if I ever saw him and then just tell his name in uncontrollable fangirling.

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Andy's laugh❤️❤️❤️ he's not afraid of the gun hehehe I just laughed when I saw him

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average joeeee, average joe, average joeee. This episode killed me

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But imagine Brendon being told the concept of the song and it's all about tis man who's he looked up to since he was seventeen and how much he hated himself and it's to make him know he's worth something so of course he gives it everything he can because this is Pete Wentz, this is the man who accepted his band and helped him on the way to success and without Pete, he might not be where he is. He might've been another Average Joe but instead he's Brenden freakin' Urie. Of course he gives it…

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I hated this show but it was on the time and it's not like there were many alternative channels

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