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Autumn mushrooms

September is National Mushroom Month. There are many toxic mushrooms so don't take them unless you know what you are doing. -- This mushroom is pretty, but very toxic.( common sense should prevail !! This clearly has distinct possibility to be toxic as obvious bright red in colour / innocent brown ones can be as deadly !! If no real expert to confirm edible / obviously if in doubt /leave it out !! Instead enjoy your walk in the woods and stay safe / Health and safety matters as location…

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Autumn colours: leaves across Britain begin to turn orange and red

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~Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric) ~Amanitaceae ~Traditional: hallucinogen ~Phytochem: tryptamine derivatives ~Activity/MOA: CNS depressant and GABA antagonist

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Fly agaric played a big role in traditional European cultures. It was eaten and used as incense. However, the use is dangerous, since only a very experienced local knows which sub-species is not going to kill you and how to use it. Don't mess with fly agaric.

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