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A simple but great idea for feeding rabbits! However a tip to everyone - pellets are not ideal for feeding house rabbits!!! Most pellets even those bought a stores such as pet smart are for feeder rabbits! They often make your own rabbits obese and ill. Hay is a much better and cheaper solution!


Details about this Automatic Feeder For Power Press Machine,we provide high…

ADA Automatic Fish Feeder Aquarium Tank Auto Fish Food Timer 1 Time or 2 Times/Day Adjustable for Business Trip/Travel/Urgent Business (Batteries Included)

Petnet SmartFeeder – Automatic Pet Feeder For Dog And Cat...Read more at


Amazon: $149/00 Petnet SmartFeeder - Automatic Pet Feeding with your iPhone! If you leave a big bowl of food out for your pet, your furry friend will more than likely eat all of it. The Petnet SmartFeeder and app provide remote and scheduled feedings, manage portions, notifications and food delivery for the feeder. Obesity is as much of a crisis for pets as it is for people, and the SmartFeeder can help combat this problem!