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My Behavioural Support guide - Autism visual aid

6 behavioural support booklets for you to choose from along with the instructions and printables to produce very effective Behaviour Management tools!


Anxiety Disorders: Types, Symptoms and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

my daughter has ADHD, ODD, Anxiety, Learning Disorders, OCD, anger issues, socialization problems, sensory Integration issues, and I think she's depressed sometimes. she gets bullied at school as well, and no adults seem to ever see or hear anything.


The CDC says there is no treatment for autism, but a 2014 study found that this vegetable extract significantly improved the condition.


Treatment of Echolalia in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Systematic Review (JADD)


Natural Homeopathic Remedies for High Functioning Autism Treatment - Homeopathy at

Best homeopathic medicines for chronic fatigue syndrome treatment with extreme tiredness, depression, weak memory , muscle pain, body pains and drowsiness.


Teaching Safety Skills To Children With Autism

Most children have this inate sense of danger that keeps them relatively safe. Our children with autism lack any sense of danger which inherently puts them in more danger than the average child. As with most skills , you have to approach it from a developmental standpoint . What you can not do is to neglect teaching this skill regardless of the age of the person with autism. I Read more