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A child needs to display SEVERAL of these behaviors to be considered as autistic otherwise it may unnecessarily worry parents, as some of these behaviors are age appropriate for toddlers/young children and some of them can be personality related.

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What is Sensory Processing Disorder

What is Sensory Processing Disorder? Behaviors we see in infants and toddlers with SPD and how we can help them.


Signs of possible dyslexia. To many kids are missed diagnosed. Not every child with a learning problem is adhd.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder & Music [Infographic]

It has been shown how constructive music education is in all areas of cognitive development, but it also proves to be especially helpful to those with ASD.

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Autism symptoms could be soothed by a hot bath

article - A hot bath 'helps soothe the symptoms of autism and makes children more sociable' Sitting in hot water for half an hour temporarily made children more sociable

Bringing up a child is hard. A serious problem can occur if your child is affected with autism. Since the child will have developmental issues, you will realize that raising him can be a big challenge for you as a parent. Fortunately, caring for an autistic child does not need to be any of... Aspergers Symptoms, Autism Causes, Autism Signs, Autism Symptoms, Autism Symptoms Checklist, Autism Symptoms In Adults, Autism Symptoms Toddler, Autism Treatment, Mild Autism Symptoms