“ Dear Teacher Landa, Good day! I am very worried about my neighbor’s son, Mark*. He is already three years old but still doesn’t talk. He makes funny noises, moves his arms, cries and shouts a lot....

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Autism--Wesley had all of these symptoms. Good therapy, good intervention specialists, and most of these symptoms have eased significantly.

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Are you doubting that your child might be suffering from autism? Find out in this infographic the signs/symptoms of autism in children

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Autism: What to Know and Signs to Watch For, Early Signs of Autism, Parenting Children with Special Needs, Amazing Series, Parenting Tips, Free Printables

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Autism Red Flags - Xavier has demonstrates many of these behaviours; I guess we shouldn't have been surprised at its potential diagnosis.

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Has trouble understanding other people's feelings, Only talks about themselves and their interests and having Narrow Interests are myths of Asperger's

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