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27 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Be an 'Autism Parent'

memes collects by parents of children with autism. Its always good to not forget what they go through day to day. This is just an amusing way to do it.

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Autism Parenting-- High Functioning Autism / PDD-NOS / Aspergers Syndrome Thank you! I'm so SICK of hearing, "Well I knew a real autistic kid once and he doesn't seem autistic." I'm so sorry all the time I spent working with him to help him deal with life makes me suddenly a bandwagon parent. Next time I'll make sure he has an episode in front of you that ruins his day just to prove to you random person that he is legit. -_-


LMAO - ordering at a drive through - and holding up 15 cars as your child must get out of the car to see the pictures because the verbal description is not enough for him to be sure he will be happy with what he has ordered. A new meaning to the phrase a pic is worth a thousand words .

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Autism: what to know and signs to watch for

Autism: What to Know and Signs to Watch For, Early Signs of Autism, Parenting Children with Special Needs, Amazing Series, Parenting Tips, Free Printables


All parents see the world through their children's eyes, but if you are a parent to a child with autism you may see a lot more! Ever experience something like this? #Autism #Parenting