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Australian Labor Party's “It’s Time”. Arguably the most famous, and likely remembered, political campaign slogan, in Australian political history. Capturing the prevailing mood of the early 70's, even among non-Labor voters. The Slogan became a song & turned into a famous television commercial featuring Aussie TV identities, actors & musicians. Whether you liked Gough or not, you'll remember it was "time Australia .. time for freedom ... time for moving ... time to begin, yes it's time".

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There is much room for debate about what constitutes a core Labor value, and even the current national platform describes Labor values in very broad terms. A core historical truth is easier to pi...

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This policy proudly brought to you by the Australian Labor Party

The Australian Labor Party has pledged to set up a Royal Commission into the finance sector if it wins office.

February 26, 2016 Australian Labor Party Assisting Democratic US Campaigns in Violation of Campaign Finance Laws

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Australian Labor Party Moments ago Tony Abbott said his GP Tax was dead. But it isn’t the backdown we wanted – it’s just a GP Tax through the backdoor. SHARE and stand with Labor against this tax.

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Posted by John, August 18th, 2015 - under ALP, Australian Labor Party,Dyson Heydon, Labor Party, Royal Commission into unions. Comments: none The Labor Party is going to ask the Governor General to...

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Kevin Rudd's Apology to "The stolen Generation". This was a momentus day in Australian history. Source: Youtube. (2008) Sorry, Kevin Rudd's Apology to "The stolen Generation" Retrieved from