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Aunty Acid I am sorry but this just struck me funny...You have to imagine… Mo

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Walt thinks I need some new hobbies for 2015... I think mine are fine as they are! #AuntyAcid #NewYearOldMe #Hobbies #2015

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Aunty Acid on Life

Aunty Acid, Liverpool. likes · talking about this. HEY ! Welcome to CRAZYTOWN! Please stay inside the tour Bus at all times, and...

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Let's see... on my list of things to do today... Nope... Impressing you is not on there... Get over yourself... I was over you before it even started :)

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He Puts Vinegar In A Bottle And Starts Shaking It. The Results? What A Smart Winter Hack!

16 Wise Words On Exercise From Aunty Acid 18 -

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