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Basic Pancake Batter

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A Finger Painted picture of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.. great to do after the child reads the book by themselves for the first time . Just add name of the child , date and their age and it would make a great memory keeper even write or draw ideas on the back of what you would eat!


Holly, Ogham name Tinne, rules 8th July to 4th August, its element is that of fire and it has the totem Robin. Tinne gives us the word tinder for kindling fire. Holly planted near the house will protect the inhabitants from lightening and fires. The Robin singed his breast red when bringing the gift of fire from the sun.


Sacred celtic trees Hazel. My wand in Pottermore is made of Hazel so I have a special affinity for this tree!


The Top Pagan Festivals - The Big 8 Holidays

Lammas - 1st August Literally translated means 'loaf mass day' and celebrates harvesting of the first grains. Couples were encouraged to steal into the woods and procreate ;) Corn dollies were made to symbolise the goddess of the grain to ensure a good harvest the next year. Make plaited bread to remind you not to take food for granted. Before each meal on the 1st say 'I bless this food and I'm grateful for all the good things the Earth brings to my table'