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Aufbau Principle

Seville: Through the Urban Void :: <P>Recent years have seen a growing interest in undetermined and unqualified urban spaces. Understanding cities as spaces for encounter, conflict and otherness, this book argues that this indeterminacy is not marginal but a key characteristic of urban space, and degrees of liberty foster change, creativity, and political action. The urban void is a conceptual construct that aims to render a principle of absence apprehensible, and to describe how i...

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The rubble trench is a cheap and effective foundation that combines drainage with load distribution. The basic principle of it has been around for thousands of years but American architect Frank Lloyd Wright brought it into the 20th century. More at


'INTEGRITY': 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. 2. the state of being whole and undivided. 3. the condition of being unified or sound in construction.


". . . the Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction. No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building." Earthships can be built in any part of the world, in any climate and still provide electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and sustainable food production.

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What Is the Aufbau Principle? Review Your Chemistry Concepts

Aufbau chart - Electron Energy Level Configuration Diagram like the virtues, first you start with a basic virtue, then once you're solid with that virtue you start practicing a higher, dependent virtue and keep practicing and mastering the fundamental virtues


Construction Economics :: <P>Construction Economics provides students with the principles and concepts underlying the relationship between economic theory and the construction industry. This new edition has been fully revised with a new introduction which provides an overview if economic developments since the Global Financial Crisis, and introduces new economic thinking.</P> <P>With new data, examples, initiatives, readings, glossary items and references, the fourth edition of thi...

great passive solar design- I would plant row of deciduous trees in front of glass so that in the winter that could act as a giant trombe wall but be shaded to keep it cool in the summer. Trees that max out at 2 stories would allow south face 3rd level roof to accommodate panels!