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Auditory Hallucination

from BBC News

Musical ear syndrome: The woman who constantly hears music

Cath Gamester, from Liverpool, tells of her experiences of musical ear syndrome, a condition where the sufferer has auditory hallucinations.


Please forgive me if I don't talk that much at times. it's loud enough inside my head.

from Cultivating the Corpus Callosum

Before and After Human Consciousness, or The Voice of God vs. Auditory Hallucinations


from BuzzFeed

This Is What Schizophrenia Can Actually Sound Like

This Is What Schizophrenia Can Actually Sound Like. Anderson Cooper tries getting through one day using a schizophrenia simulator and can’t do it. There is a second video that is an example of auditory hallucinations people with schizophrenia might hear. WARNING: many people found this video to be disturbing, distressing and unnerving. Many were unable to finish it. If this video could negatively affect you and you want to listen to it, DO NOT USE HEADPHONES. It seems to make it more…


I like the fact the body is in focus and the head is out of focus.blurred. it shows the symptoms of schizophrenia well. the eyes , visual hallucinations , mouth speech difficulties , ears , auditory hallucinations, nose hallucinations which effect smell etc.


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