i'm crying, my favorite is the one about kyungsoo being geodude LMFAOOOO

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How much Younique do you need? Not a lot! Best bit is you can currently get all these products in the Skin in the game collection or individually https://www.youniqueproducts.com/JessMary/products/view/US-42015-02#.Vr6EHOb7OW4

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Natural History Museum ~ London, England- my children loved it and didn't want to leave

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Hi I'm Noel. I hide my feelings most of the time, but you can tell when things make me uncomfortable. Due to my past with my parents, I ran away and now I'm here. I'm super sweet and caring. Intro?

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Au Natural Boheme Bathroom.....Now i wished i lived even further into the boonies so i can have a bathroom like this!!! I would love to lay in my tub and look out into the wilderness like that!!

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