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DISMORFOBINA. Barcelona-based photographer Natalia Pereira created this uncomfortable series, Dismorfobina. The photographs brings attention to body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), a mental illness involving body image issues that results in depression and social phobia. The artist says of the series that it is a “message that encourages us to search for our imperfection.” Natalia Pereira8


A poster, showing some of the difficulties pupils with ADHD may face. The list of difficulties is not exhaustive but is a flavour of some of the issues. Based on our popular mind map presentation.

from ADDitude

Quiet the Riot: Blocking Out ADHD Distractions

ADHD Adults and Distractions: Concentrating with White Noise | ADDitude - Attention Deficit Disorder Advice | I don't think my son in particular has ADD but he does have a hard time completing his work (does great listening) so maybe white noise will help.