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Amadeus Garcia - This picture shows and example of asymmetrical balance because the picture is all chopped up and looks like it is going to fall over.


12. This piece expresses asymmetrical balance. When we first observe the piece we look immediately right due to the unbalanced spread of colors, all the vibrant blues are to the right while empty blackness like meteors floating in space. Asymmetrical art often carries these distinctions to subdue our focus to one side of a piece.

Isidro Ferrer - a fun way to make an image using found materials. Harmony of colour and a 'balanced' yet asymmetrical composition - a bit of a contradiction but you know what I mean : )


Design principle: Asymmetrical (informal) balance - placement of non-identical forms to either side of a balancing point in such a was that the two sides seem to be of the same visual weight