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Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon 2 by Tarah-Rex Cosplay, Kuna Photography Group Micktography #Canada


"It's only fun if you get a scar out of it."....Hey it's Astrid Hofferson. Best warrior in Berk. Stormfly and I have been kind of busy, working on new skills and improving her speed. I found out that she loves chicken! Who knew? A lot of people say I have anger issues but it's not violence it's communication. I'm not good at this introducing stuff, so yeah, bye.

from Etsy

HTTYD Astrid Costume, Bird Skulls and Spikes for Cosplay Costume, How To Train Your Dragon DIY Astrid Skirt and Necklace

HTTYD Astrid Costume Bird Skulls and Spikes for by NefertariCrafts

Costume guide for Astrid of the second movie of "How To Train your Dragon"!

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Astrid Hofferson

~ Astrid all grown up; now Hiccup's girlfriend in How To Train Your Dragon, Part 2. ~