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Assassin's Creed Game Order

That's the Assassin's Creed symbol at the bottom, I'm pretty sure ^_^

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Assassin 111 Video Games Your #1 Source for Video Games, Consoles & Accessories!

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The entirety of the British army is no match for Connor Kenway." He's just that good

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Assassin's Creed - Rogue Render By Ashish913 by Ashish913 on deviantART

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The downfall of the Order, finally explained

Bahahah. This is hilarious. Poor Haytham. :( I actually really like him. <--- Me too. I'm glad he'll be in Rogue.

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Assassins creed

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Dright is a Palemen, banished by his people for embracing the blood magic of the giants.

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No Liberation? Yeah it was a spinoff, but it contributed to the AC universe.

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(Assassin's Creed Black Flag) We row beneath the black flag by Florian Guilbot

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