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Aspect Ratio

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Aspect Ratio: Think of Your Crop before You Shoot

Aspect Ratio: know before you crop on Boost Your Photography

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01. Cropping, Resizing, Aspect Ratio & Resolution: The Ultimate Guide

Need to know how large you can print your photo? Or how to save a high resolution file? Or why you have to crop your image if you want to print a 4x6 as an 8x10? The answers are all here!


Image Cropping by Aspect Ratio for Photographers and Clients | Understanding print sizes | Julie Griffin Photography, Gilbert, Arizona


Aspect Ratio and Cropping for Photography | Photoshop Actions


Aspect Ratio Chart for Printing Photos //


Tutorial on aspect ratio and cropping for photographers. - Please do not use my image elsewhere or pin without link - thanks!!

Badlands Directed by: Terrence Malick Cinematography: Tak Fujimoto, Stevan Larner, Brian Probyn Cameras: Panavision Format: 35mm (Kodak) Mode: Spherical Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Images from Criterion...

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Chain Maille Basics: Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is one of the most important concepts of chain maille to understand, and can also be one of the most difficult to understand. Aspect ratio is important for selecting the right ring for...

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World Class Digital Photography

If you're looking for the person that is going to change your life, take a look in the mirror.

21 - Aspect Ratio Demystified, this is very good to know