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Asian Waffle Makers

rice in a waffle maker! Crispy and yum they say. Oooh with butter too?? Bet that is delish!!

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Chinese Chicken and Waffles

Baked Orange Cauliflower


Use Your Waffle Iron for Seriously Crispy Tofu

One of the best parts about fried tofu is the contrast between the crispy outside and the pillowy soft inside. With deep frying, getting there means a lot of oil. With stir-frying it means a lot of, well, stirring. With waffling, it means neither. Low mess, low effort.

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Love the fluffy taste of Hong Kong’s street delight Eggettes? Now you can make your own with this recipe and new waffle makers from Cornell. #eggettes #recipe

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Hong Kong Eggettes (Daan Jai) for Mother's Day

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