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Asian Steampunk

designedtoseduce: zessinna-saris: Dark green georgette fabric with the white and yellow design throughout the sari. It’s absolutely beautiful, and perfect for a night out or any event. Maybe even try it with a corset! A dull yellow, or silver corset, or black, or a corset like mine! There is no blouse. $10  + shipping Please read how to pay, the shipping information, and the disclaimers. :) *Corset not included* You are a goddess! Teach me.

brightblueinky: coldalbion: yukonstar: anachronistichybrid: [source] Guh, flawless. Non-Westernised interpretations of the steampunk genre FTW. Wow I’ve been REALLY wanting to see an Indian take on Steampunk so I am so pleased you have no idea


1895 - 1905 High-styled black wool bodice, circa 1900. Black and cream wool felt with contrasting black and cream embroidery and soutache, silver military style buttons.


Traditional inspired yet modern looking asian warrior costume. Love this style and combination of material choices.

from Les légendes d'Azcor

Je steampone, tu steampones, nous …

A mesh of Japonaise and steampunk: steamponaise? It came with the caption "Je steampone, tu steampones, nous … | Les légendes d'Azcor" There is another luscious pic if you follow the link <3

from sekigan


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