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Asian Household Cleaning Supplies

The space under your sink won't be so dark and scary once it's tidy! Organized cleaning products are not only easier on the eye, they're also easier to access. Martha Stewart Living is available at @homedepot.

Want to make your home smell great? Here is an easiest and affordable way to do

awesome Want to make your home smell great? Here is an easiest and affordable way to do ... by


These are “The Bomb!” Make DIY Fizzers for Household Cleaning

If you want to keep your sink smelling fresh and your toilet sparkling between cleanings, then these DIY Cleaning Fizzers are the bomb! Fizzers or "Cleaning Bombs" are ready and willing to do the grunt...

Most asian household keep a good supply onions, garlic and potatoes. To keep them fresh for a longer period of time, they should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated and preferably dark area. Here are…


So simple: Brown paper bags make good and inexpensive temporary storage for potatoes, onions and garlic. Remember to punch some holes to provide ventilation

Pickling begins with Ginger! figuring out how to make my favorite addition to sushi! Just for myself! ....

About 1.8 billion Asians and 40% of Indian households are off grid, and even those who are connected are not assured of reliable supply. It is hard for many to comprehend that basic access to clean energy can have impacts that are multifold, uplifting numerous poor families towards a better quality of life. I aspire to revolutionize the decentralized energy designs and redefine the rural distribution models - barely present and hardly scalable. At UT the writing is on the wall, literally!