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Asian bulbs and seeds

Pin it :-) Follow us :-)) is your Garden Supply Gallery ;) CLICK IMAGE TWICE for Pricing and Info :) SEE A LARGER SELECTION of fruit seeds bulbs and plants at - garden, fruit seeds, bulb, plant - Tropical Asian Thai Papaya Fruit 5 Seeds! « zGardenSupply

百合莲子炖雪蛤膏 Double Boiled Hasma with Lily Bulb and Lotus Seed

Bunching Onion, Ishikura Improved 200+ Seeds Fresh-Pack by Seeds and Things. $1.49. They are long-lasting and can be left to make larger stems whitout losing their flavour. A wonderful type of salad onion that does not bulb but forms long white stalks.. Quick to mature. This is an improved version of Ishikura, one the most popular bunching onions in Japan. This typical single stalk variety can grow up to 2.5 ft. Long white stems are obtained by applying the earthing-up method d...

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