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Awww so sweet :) While I can't find the original source, I'm guessing they may be Spectacled Bears (as the pattern doesn't quite fit with the Asiatic black bear/Sun Bear)

from Funny Or Die

Just Some Bears Thinking About Life

I don't want to be a periphery- I wanted to be front and centre...I have no idea any more what I should do. Clearly it's all wrong so I thought it the best option- It has not been protested so must I assume it's agreeable?..........AJ


Beautiful Asian Black Bear..... have you ever seen before this i have 2 new bears I love! the Spectacled Bear and this beauty!


From Billionaire by Bruno Mars: I wanna be a panda bear, so freaking bad. Then I would be Asian, White, and Black. I wanna be on the cover of a Chinese magazine. Sittin there just eatin everything. But every time I close my eyes. I see the world through a pandas eyes. A different forest everytime! Oh I- I swear. China better prepare... For When I'm a panda bear

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Коффбой on

♡ Breakfast at Sadie's ♡ Hey, after all, we're all Sons of Adam and Daughters of