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I am not entering this competition!!!! But this is what I would enter if it weren't my contest.

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Every single one of you is special. Don't let anyone bring you down, I know it's hard but you'll be okay. I'm here for you. All of you. You might think no one cares, but it's not true, cause I do. I care about you. Keep fighting, come out on top. Life will get better, just give it time.

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I WANT AN ASHTON IRWIN<< can i have a little ashton irwin that can fit in my pocket that will cheer me up when i'm sad please and thank you<<petition for everyone to have an Ashton Irwin please sign

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Okay Okay Ashton Irwin T-shirt, Ashton Irwin 2015, Ashton Irwin 5SOS, Ashton Irwin Quotes, Ashton Irwin Tattoo, Men and Women Shirt by RizalDesign on Etsy

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