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15 Healthy Snacks You Should Always Have At Home

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Hilarious Weight-Loss Quotes to Instantly Feel Better About Your Diet | POPSUGAR Fitness UK

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Bye bye Coumadin, so long Plavix! Say hello to these natural blood thinners that protect against strokes and blood clots!

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6 Ways To Shrink Your Belly (And 5 Don't Include Exercise!)

If you're looking to shrink and tone your belly, there's a better way to do it than trying to do crunches.

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1 It's Nice That : Photography: Stephanie Gonot does some crazy things with food

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.Many bats, and almost all in the United States, thrive on an insect diet. A single bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquito-sized insects every hour, and each bat usually eats 6,000 to 8,000 insects each night.Their appetite for mosquitoes certainly makes a backyard more comfortable. Bats are opportunistic, and their lack of discretion benefits everyone. Some of their favorite prey include crop-destroying moths, cucumber beetles, flies and gnats. Natural insect control is their specialty.

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This is due to the Licensing Effect (aka self-licensing, moral licensing). The Licensing Effect occurs when people make a good or virtuous choice that ‘permits’ them to make a bad decision later. An example of this would be someone on a diet believing that they’ve ‘earned’ an unhealthy meal by avoiding junk food during the week. Convincing someone to make a ‘bad’ decision would therefore be easier after they have made a particularly good decision.

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MSG: Cutting through the Confusion

There is compelling evidence to support the belief of a growing number of doctors and organizations that MSG is poison. -- Great info here!

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A rare audience with the irrepressibly glamorous Joan Collins

'A woman today who is in her 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, if she takes care of herself, can possibly go on to be 100... I believe in good food, don’t eat junk, exercise and try to be as happy as possible,' said Joan

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