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All 87 Best Picture Oscar Winners Ranked

The Artful Dodger ( Jack Wild ) and Oliver Twist ( Mark Lester )

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Biscuits in a line. Limited edition giclée print, 40 x 50cm (15.7" x 19.7")

1970's biscuits! Jammy Dodger, Bourbon, Pink wafer, Custard Cream and a party ring (my favorite).

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Jammie Dodger Cupcakes!! Delicious Vanilla & Jammy Cupcakes, topped with a Luscious Frosting, and a Jammie Dodger of course!

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18 Vintage Photos Of Charles Dickens' London

This is reputedly the house that Dickens used as inspiration for Fagin’s Lair in Oliver Twist. The Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist walk from Islington down to ‘a house near Field Lane’ which was an area renowned for its rookery. 18 Vintage Photos Of Charles Dickens' London

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contemporary porcelain bud vase. handmade ceramic mini vase. Artful Dodger Variations (Object N.2. Large) by Wapa Studio

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Oliver! (1968)

Oliver! -- 1968 musical version of Charles Dickens' Oliver twist. Unforgettable music, great cast and wonderful sets. A classic that doesn't date.

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