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Take a photograph in black and white. Glue it onto bristol board. Have students rip and cut newspaper pieces and place the correct values in the right areas for a collage.

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as true 23 years ago as it is today. infuriating & sad that we are still going round like this. Barbara Kruger, Untitled, 1989.

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Art class inspiration: Identity. would switch this up to put Bible verses and sayings to remind us of our identity in Christ.

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Art Sketchbook - artist study focusing on monochrome painting techniques with ink drawings of butterflies & flowers // student sketch book

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Hannah Lamb: Words that drift away - dissolving the embroidered text piece I made for Art in the Woods #fiber_art #text

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Sophie Calle - Portrait photo of herself covered with a projection of text written in her language, giving it a personal aura

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Lisa Kokin, "Fauxliage: No Birds Sing", 2011. Thread, wire, page fragments from Silent Spring (1962) by Rachel Carson 70 x 24 x 8 in.

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