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the only noise filling the room was a rhythmic 'clack' and her heavy breath. she was near blacking out, due to the lack of oxygen, but she just keeps on, forcing her muscles to lift her higher. she does it to be able to fight the guys, who inappropriately hit on her in the evenings, to be able to kill the one who raped her when she was a girl of only eleven. she remembers his digusting face as clearly as if it happened yesterday and she knows, she'll be able to forget, once he's dead.


If you read the book you know why they would not be able to climb a tree and the tree was described as thin and Katniss was so light compared to the other tributes that she could climb up the skinny branches without breaking them.


This is a charging board! It is a simple way to charge up and cleanse your crystals without having to focus on visualisation. Simply put your crystal in the center of a piece of paper, and write around it two categories of words: the things you want to fill your crystal with, and the things you want out of them. Then draw arrows pointing into the crystal for the positives, and away from it for the negatives. This is a visual way to charge/cleanse without having to maintain focus.


I...I love how serious this person is. So serious I'm actually questioning if this is not in fact the case.

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