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Diana Ross at her marriage to Arne Naess in 1985 he she wears a very flavours looking wedding gown with he lace sleeved keeping it fe mined and the silky dress giving a glamours feel. The tiara gives a diva like look which is classic to her style. Her wedding dress would have influenced many brides at the time with her being a big influenced on fashion and style,


Diana Ross at her 1985 wedding to Arne Naess, Jr., a wealthy Norwegian shipping businessman and mountaineer. They had two sons and divorced in 2000. He died in 2004 in a climbing accident.


Cover Story: Stop! in the Name of Love – Vol. 25 No. 7


Today in 1986, diva Diana Ross married Norwegian businessman and mountaineer Arne Naess, Jr. Though she claimed that there wasn’t no mountain high enough, Ross didn’t join Naess on his ascent of Mt. Everest. To become the next Arne Naess, work on your Norwegian using Mango Languages, research the highest mountains with World Book Discover, and with AtoZ Databases learn about the shipping business which made Arne so successful.