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The Hunted and other twisted tales is a anthology of modern hard hitting gritty horror stories. Where werewloves meet vampires. Fallenangels do battle with gangsters and murderers. Where immortals deal with the realities of being immortal. Its shocking and horrific but thrilling and entertaining all the while. Its fast paced unique and completely original. And it available now from amazon as a paperback and ebook. Just in time for christmas


Army of Darkness! Great Halloween movie! When this came out, every year after, me and my friends would watch this on Halloween after all the high school shennanegans, over and over and over...good times.

Horror Movies--- Yeeeeah. I can't help it if I'm afraid of clowns because they're creepy. And in his case, AN UGLY MOTHER F**KER!


Gimme Some Sugar Baby, Bruce Campbell, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, Hand Painted, Kiln Fired, Cult Classic, horror movie, coffee mug quote by LunaZingara on Etsy