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Arriving for an interview for Star & Stripes Army newspaper in January 1960.


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Truly Awesome! What an amazing image! 650 officers and enlisted men of Auxiliary Remount Depot No 326, a Cavalry unit, created this human representation of a horse head. It was taken at Camp Cody, N.M. sometime during WW1… Camp Cody located 3 miles northwest of Deming, New Mexico, was a World War I Army camp from 1916 to 1919


The remarkable Captain Flora Sandes – the only British woman to serve as a front-line soldier in WW1


Jamaican / West Indian women recruits for the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1943 (women's branch of the Army in the UK). Afro-Caribbeans are the descendants of West Africans shipped in the slave trade to the West Indies (to English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese colonies founded from the 16th century). Since World War II many Afro-Caribbeans have migrated to North America and to Europe, especially to the USA, the UK, and the Netherlands.


Forward! Forward to victory. Enlist now. LOC Summary: Poster showing a mounted soldier brandishing a sword, his horse at full gallop | British WW1 Propaganda Poster

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Top 200 Greatest Actors of Old - a list by rcmeyerjr

Robert Mitchum was drafted into the USA during WWII. He served at Ft. MacArthur, California from 4/12/45 - 10/11/45 at an enlistment office.

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Cemetery - Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson, In 1943, enlisted in the United States Army Air Forces and served as a B-29 aerial gunner as a Superfortress crewman with the 39th Bombardment Group based in Guam. He was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received during his service.


It Ain't Half Hot Mum-The show focuses on a group of British Army soldiers stationed at a Royal Artillery Depot, Deolali, India. The main characters are performers in the base's Concert Party, putting on performances for the other soldiers prior to their departure for the front lines. The enlisted men that comprise the Concert Party all love this particular job, as it keeps them out of combat duty. Some do harbor the dream of becoming famous actors when they leave the army.

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Be All You Can Be: Celebrities Who Have Served In The Military

Jimi Hendrix in the Army, 1961-1962 “Hendrix got into trouble with the law twice for riding in stolen cars. He was given a choice between spending two years in prison or joining the Army. Hendrix chose the latter and enlisted on May 31, 1961. He was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division” - Wikipedia