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Kotobukiya 1/72 NX09 White Glint V.O.B. Set: Work by DM Brothers Model Studio

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Armored Core's, How I think they work

Bear in Mind that this is a Work in Progress, any additions I make are going to be put through a writing process. Because I'm working on a Armored Core-based Fanfiction, and I just Love technobabble in Science Fiction, I'm making my own explanation of How Things Works in Armored Core. Alot of this is based on the technobabbles of things like Gundam, Macross, and some stuff from Halo and Mass Effect. Also bear in mind I'm not a professional on science, but with Mecha. This Blog here goes…


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Figutto! Armored Core Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Mechanicals Nineball $101.48


Armored core 2 軽量級 着色

I added this design as it didn't really stick to the blue/yellow colours that sci fi games usually have. I thought that adding the googles to the character gives him a villain feel to him.