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Teaching the Lord's Prayer- I'd love to have all children learn this, then present it to the congregation !!!


KEEP CALM AND Try Not to Kill Your Coworkers - KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Image Generator - brought to you by the Ministry of Information


Inductive Bible Study Method bookmark printable. Keep this in your Bible to help you as you read God's Word.


Jesus didn't die halfway for you. Don't live halfway for Him. Christ cannot share a divided heart. The world and Jesus are never in copartnership. Jesus creates in us an undivided heart amidst a world divided against God. Less than total commitment, and you are on a slippery slope. If you want Heaven as your eternal home, it is time we make some heart changes before it is too late. Choose to have a heart sold out for Jesus, after all, He is completely devoted to you.

The Book of Isaiah I love the God inspired writings of Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum Founder and Director, Ariel Ministries. Visit the site for a wonderful learning experience.


How to Stop Being Lazy | A Merry Life