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Argumentum ad Verecundiam (argument from authority) fallacy: an appeal to the testimony of an authority outside the authority's special field of expertise. 1000+ ideas about Argument From Authority on Pinterest | Ad Homine…

Argumentum ad verecundiam Wikipedia-logo-en.png For more information, see the Wikipedia article: Argumentum ad verecundiam An argument from authority is one in which a proposition is claimed to be true because an esteemed person says it is true. It is a fallacy in that it relies on the person's fame or reputation, rather than on logical arguments or empirical evidence.

An atheist posted this. Of course Robert Reich supports Sanders he's a fascist moron. And note the argument from authority fallacy.

Logical Fallacies - Argument from Authority: Presuming that someone who is an expert in one topic (ex. Physicist) can make credible statements about a completely unrelated topic (ex. Medical Advice).