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Best relationships: Talk like best friends. Play like children. Argue like husband and wife. Protect each other like brother and sister. I just so love this!

from 9GAG

Every damn arguing couple I met

When it comes to dealing with mice and other rodents, it is important to hire a professional. Not only is a professional going to be able to help you much better, but they will be able to do so much more efficiently as well...


not all these words apply to me, but I liked them anyhow, so I just kept them... I hate the way you look at me and your tone of voice when we fight. I hate how I have to start yelling when you stop listening. I hate how you have to make everything about you. I hate how you treat arguments like a game. I hate how I have to apologize first, even when I'm right. I hate that you always have to win. I hate how I feel when the argument is over. I hate fighting with you. ...

from Blush

Why Arguing in Relationships Isn't All That Bad

Is arguing in relationships really that bad? Blush has some reasons why a few tiffs aren't as bad as you think.


"When me and my fiancé argue we have to wear clown noses. If you can't continue arguing without laughing then the argument isn't worth having."