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Are Mexicans Latinos

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Best recipe in the world! Chille Rellenos. You have to try these..they are alot of work but def worth it. Just blacken your peppers in the oven on broil if you don't have a gas stove~then stuff with whatever!! ENJOY:)

Tortas de Chile Colorado de Res are Mexican sandwiches made with beef simmered in a wonderful red chile sauce.

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Fish tacos

Fish Tacos: I am a broad church: when I’m not craving a bowl of food that delivers the same soothing taste from mouthful to mouthful, I like the sort of meal that involves a table full of bits and pieces. I certainly think this latter way of eating is one of the most relaxing ways of sitting around a table with friends. These fish tacos are a case in point, and rest assured that the actual preparation is much more low-effort than you might think.

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Chicken Tostadas with Poblano Cream Sauce

An easy Mexican dinner at home, these Chicken Tostadas with Poblano Cream Sauce have tons of flavor and are perfect for a weeknight. My family loved these!

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4 fun and easy to make mexican paper craft decorations!

Included exclusively to this book is our new favourite Mexican paper craft ‘Paper Stars. These make a great new addition to the paper craft set and are a versatile party decoration. Also included in the book are 3 paper star templates and a blank to design you own are.

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Chipotle Chicken Taquitos

Chipotle Chicken Taquitos are an easy, toddler friendly dinner ready in about 30…