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The Largest Collection of Arduino Books [Free PDF Download] ~ My Engineering

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Free Raspberry Pi Poster

The Raspberry Pi is a computer with no casing, no keyboard, no hard disk and no screen. Despite all that, it’s taking the world by storm! Get your free Raspberry Pi poster now, courtesy of Elektor, RS Components, and CC! Go ahead: download, print, and then enjoy!


Ultimate Raspberry Pi Home Server

Create your the ultimate home server with a Raspberry Pi!


Download free C: C for Beginners C in 24 Hours Learn C fast! A smart way to learn C plus plus. Plain & Simple. C in easy steps C programming Start coding ... Developers Coding CSS Java PHP) pdf


Learning to solder isn't as hard as you might think. Here are some resources to get you started. If you haven't tried soldering before then what are you waiting for?

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Conceptos Básicos de micro Controladores: Conociendo a Arduino.pdf


Arduino YÚN Pinout. Gonna use this as the brain. Hopefully the Linux aspect will help get vector data into the arduino simply.


While countless millions of us like nothing more than spending hours racking up high scores on our favourite games, too few of us are exposed to an even more gratifying way to spend the evening – making them. Master essential game-making skills across 10 chapters: Creating shapes and paths Movement and animation Using the keyboard & mouse Adding sound and music Simulating physics and forces Building classes for actors Creating your own shoot-em ‘up