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Fastrax UP501 GPS skjerme V1.2 for Arduino (fungerer med offisielle Arduino bord)

Fastrax UP501 GPS Shield V1.2 for Arduino (Works with Official Arduino Boards). Model: Arduino GPS Shield V1.2 - Color: White - Material: Half glass fiber + FR4 - Port 0: NMEA 9600 baud - NMEA output: GGA, RMC, GSV, GSA (all 1 sec interval) - DGPS/SBAS: Disabled (Module supports WAAS/EGNOS) - Datum: WGS84 - Hardware / Software serial port support - Micro SD card interface - Low power consumption: 75mW @ 3.0V - Configurable fix rate, up to 10Hz - Supply Voltage DC 3.0~5V - Ultra high…

#Arduino #GPS Powered Car Tracking System You Can Build Yourself - The Arduino Powered Car Tracking System uses a Arduino Uno, a GSM shield, a GPS module together with a few other parts and has been design to powered from the cars battery. | Geeky Gadgets


Arduino GPS Shield - Dexter Industries


Arduino GPS Shield ** For more information, visit image link.


Geo Data Logger: Arduino+GPS+SD+Accelerometer to log, time-stamp, and geo-tag sensor data

Arduino Sensor Logger



Arduino GPS Shield EB 5365 SD 3 3V 5V TF SPI INT0 48 Channel Sirf Star IV Cgee

Tutorial Arduino: GPS Logger con EM406A, GPS shield y MicroSD shield - YouTube

Arduino Tutorial: Arduino GPS tutorial with MakerStudio GPS shield and Arduino Uno. Easy DIY project - YouTube

4G + GPS Shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi Tutorial (LTE / WCDMA / HSPA+ / 3G / GPRS)