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Build a pan and tilt security camera with #RaspberryPi and #Arduino


Coupled LED-Servo controller using Arduino


An I²C Bus powered Arduino IO Expander Board controlled via Bluetooth and Android | Open Electronics

Today we’ll expand Arduino’s digital resources thanks to an I2C bus equipped shield and we’ll allow the management of the board via a bluetooth connection RN-42 through an Android systems. All Arduino boards feature a number of digital I/Os. For the simplest projects, such resources are usually more than sufficient, but in those where they you need several control lines, "standard" I/Os can be less than enough, because some pins are shared with internal resources while others are dedicated…

We present a caterpillar robot based on Arduino Uno, remotely controlled through a Play Station 2 wireless controllers.   Since we are not insensitive to solutions making life easier, we have considered the idea of creating and proposing something that could help us avoiding the cold and fatigue of using the usual manual shovel and at the same time, we opted not to replicate something already available but a new fun and technologic device. We therefore decided to start developing a Snowplow…

A tactile music controller using button pads and Arduino

from rudysmodelrailway

RGB LED strip control via DCC