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Song Dynasty Town, a beautiful place; Song Dynasty Town, a song culture places; Song Dynasty Town, a show of song of eternal love. Beautiful scenery, a window of a door, one showed Chinese Ancient Song Dynasty style.

Famous Chinese Painting 'China's Mona Lisa' is Almost 7 Yards Long

One of the most famous Chinese paintings, often referred to as “China’s Mona Lisa” has a connection to the Chinese annual Qingming Festival, celebrated April 4-6 on the Western calendar. The painting is called Qingming Shanghe Tu. Qingming (清明) means…

Daxu Old Town, a 2000-year-old town with well preserved traditional Chinese architectures and shiny stone streets in Nanning, Guangxi, China.


Maijishan Grottoes. Located Southeast of Tianshyui City in Gansu Province on a 142 meters high hill named Maijishan, meaning "Wheat-pile Hill". Work on the grottoes started in the late 4th century and continued through successive North Wei (386-534 A.D.) and Song (960-1279 A.D.) dynasties until the 19th century. There are 194 existing caves, in which are preserved more than 7,000 sculptures made of terra cotta and over 1,000 square meters of murals.

4 Enchanted Bridge by malcolm_kenworthy -The beautiful Song Dynasty bridge in Feng Jian village located in Foshan Guangdong Province is nearly 850 years old. The village is a major tourist attraction thanks to its ancient architecture enchanting waterways and delicious local food. All of the boats are owned by locals who provide an oral history of their village during the cruise around the waterway.. Tags…

The temple was built employing the temple-style architecture of the Song Dynasty, which is characterized by roughhewn simplicity, harmony, and majesty. It is one of few examples of classical Song Dynasty architecture in Taiwan, and it boasts great structural complexity and a wealth of exquisite decoration. Each detail of the construction process - including assembly of forms, emplacement of reinforcing, and pouring of concrete - required meticulous calculation and checking, and the external…

4 Most Famous Bridges in Ancient Chinese Architecture - #4MostFamousBridgesInAncientChineseArchitecture, #IronChainSuspensionBridge, #LudingBridge, #LugouBridge, #LuoyangBridge, #SeaCrossingStoneBridge, #SingleArchStoneBridge, #ZhaozhouBridge The Chinese culture of the bridge in China started in the Sui Dynasty, with its popularity peaking in the Song Dynasty. Many ancient Chinese bridges ar