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She's not a great combatant - she cannot throw or take a punch, and she's not got the stamina for armour, but she can sit back and shoot well enough to hit the right guy. Meet Kaal - darker hair and a cloak over the outfit, but this is pretty much her.

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"The Avengers: Hawkeye, World's Worst Archer? UPDATED" Great information about proper archery form and stance #archery

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LIVE recurve team finals -- Medellin 2014 Archery World Cup stage 2/대한민국의 여궁사의 힘을 받아 힘내세요/ 파이팅/행복한 동행

Archery Target Faces 80cm x 25 FITA Approved by Archery World. Archery Target Faces 80cm x 25 FITA Approved.

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