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Lucifer, The Fallen Angel, the Bright Morning Star, the Light Bringer ... Servant of God, Archangel .. Illuminator. All will be Revealed. Lucifer is STILL a Servant of God. In the End. <3


Lucifer by Guillaume Geefs, 1848 - "The word Lucifer means 'Bearer of Light' and describes the function and effect of the acosmic power that brings the gifts of forbidden wisdom, enlightenment, intellect, imagination and gnosis. Lucifer is within the esoteric context the secret, invisible and black fire (The First Sun/Son of the Black Light) that burns to ashes and dissolves all illusions, and awakens and strengthens the inner Black Flame and opens the all-seeing eye of the Self."


Badogiak- Abenaki myth: seven brothers who are winged storm spirits.They are fierce warriors and thunder is caused by the sound of their battles, while lightning flashes from their eyes


.If he's evil Michael than why are his wings still white? Why are yours black little sister? You made us this way. _please credit

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Is Lucifer the Devil?

What have YOU been taught about Lucifer? I was taught he was the highest archangel in heaven that wanted to take over God’s throne. He was the leader of music, as instruments were built into his very being. I was taught that he caused a war in heaven and was cast out with a third of the angels with him. When he and his angels fell to earth, he became the Devil or Satan. You might be surprised at what I found out. It does not appear that what I was taught is correct...

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hehe. I could see that. She walks up to the two archangels and slaps them and starts chastising them and the Winchesters are about to stop her but then realize that the 2 archangels are simply staring at her in confusion and before Michael can kill her Lucifer stops him and says sorry and this would be so fucking cute I might have to write a fic.


San Miguel Arcángel in Explanada de la capilla del Cerrito in front of the Basilica de Santa María de Guadalupe in Mexico City. Guardian by on @deviantART